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Hello there and thanks for visiting LOLROTFL.com! The site dedicated to the comedy of Kevin Pittinaro. And I would like to personally welcome you to my home on the Interweb. That's right, you even get a nice, personalized welcome on this site, not like the bland, corporate websites of some OTHER comedians. They just want to sell their merchandise and plug their shows. But you won't get that that kind of sell-out-ish attitude here. No sir or ma'am! I mean, I haven't even designed any cool T-Shirts yet or made a professional CD of my material to sell.

But, comedy is all about you - the viewer. After all, without an audience, a comedian is just some lonely guy talking in front of his bathroom mirror who drinks himself to sleep every night without the sweet, sweet loving of a female companion, right? Right? (At least that's what I've heard.) So, of course I wanted to create a site around fans of comedy (and, hopefully, fans of me). So, you'll get all sorts of entertainey goodness on this site, from locations of open-mic nights to show appearances and links to other funny happenings. (DISCLAIMER: LOLROTFL.com makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, that any material presented herein be entertaining, good, funny, sorted, open, or appearing.)

I'd also like to try something... revolutionary, in the area of Stand-Up Comedy. I want YOUR FEEDBACK. Come out to a show, listen to my jokes, watch my videos. Tell me what you like, what you don't like, and if you have any ideas to make it better. Let me know what you'd like to see. Now, of course, for legal purposes, I'm not allowed to "steal" any jokes or ideas, nor can I accept any new jokes that are fully written by someone else. I'm just looking for ways I can tweak what I have already written to make it better and more appealing to a mass audience. I can only know what I find funny and entertaining, so for the rest, I have to rely on what people tell me. Hopefully, we can make a more entertaining experience for everyone!

So, thanks again for stopping by. Have a look around, soak in my words like an elixir of knowledge, and most of all have fun, relax, and enjoy your stay. We'll leave the light on for ya!


-Kevin Pittinaro                    
What The Hell Is This Site All About?
You may be asking, "Where am I? What the hell kind of site is this anyways? Why am I here? Why is a bunny with a pancake on its head talking to me? What kind of messed up, freaked out place is this?" Well, for those of you who are directionally challenged, easily confused, paranoid, and have ADHD with multiple personality disorders, let me calm you down a bit and explain who I am and what this site is all about, okay? How about a nice, soothing Valium or Zoloft before we get started, okay? There you go...

My name is Kevin Pittinaro. I'm a comedian and actor, originally from the Rochester, NY area. (I'm actually from a small town called Macedon, but most people have never heard of it. Rochester is one of the closest larger cities nearby to my hometown (Syracuse being the other) and since I've spent more time around Rochester, I tell people I'm from that area.) I'm currently residing in the Albany, NY area though (Capital Region, whatever you want to call it). I've been performing for over two years now in the Capital Region. I still get out to Rochester though here and there.

I started performing Stand-Up comedy about 5 years ago in the winter of 2005 in Rochester, NY at the (now defunct) Comix Cafe. They used to hold open-mics there, hosted by comedian and comedy booker Danny Liberto. Dan was a great guy and gave me some pointers and advice on comedy early on. I also met another comedian at Comix Cafe, Andrew Boccacino. A true "outside-the-box" thinker when it comes to comedy, I still enjoy his comic sense and sometimes perform together on stage. There are an innumerable list of comedians I have come across in my travels and I cannot take the time to acknowledge them all, suffice to say it has been real, it's been fun, but it ain't been REAL FUN!

Since moving to the Albany area, I've been fortunate enough to perform at a few venues and have met quite a few interesting local comedians. It is also where I met Greg Aidala, a local comedian who put on several comedy workshops for aspiring comedians, as well as started a local open-mic. Thanks in part to his efforts, a new crop of young, aspiring comedians has evolved in the area and I know many are thankful to him for that. There has also been a recent explosion of comedy open-mics and shows around the Albany area, so it really has opened up into a veritable hotbed for comedy in Upstate New York. It's been a fun few years in Albany so far and who knows where the future will take me.

I'm not originally an entertainer by any means. I went to college for Information Technology and have my Bachelor of Science degree from RIT. I really wanted to work with computers in some capacity and originally wanted to work for the FBI investigating computer crime. But, since I graduated, finding a job in my field hasn't been so easy in the wake of the tech bubble burst of the late 1990's. I applied to the FBI, and then state and local police forces, only to be turned down. In my spare time, I felt I needed an outlet to voice my frustrations with life and to make fun of things that bothered me. So started my stand-up career. I equally fell ass-backwards into acting. In 2006, I responded to an ad looking for extras for a movie and ended up appearing in "The Game Plan". Since then I've appeared in 3 other movies and continue to actively pursue acting and the performing arts in general.

As a bit of a "computer geek", my humor both on and off stage tends to revolve around computers and technology, and is more intellectual than many other types of comedy. I have been known to "shake things up" though and if one thing could be said of my comedy, it is unconventional. I have often tried new things and new material. I've done everything from impressions to prop comedy to skits and improv. Typically, I've never done anything twice, although I'm starting to go back to material I liked in the past and trying to refine it into a set.

Okay, so that is quite a bit about me, the site is obviously about me and to some degree some of the comedians I work with. The banner for the site I just kind of thought up one day. I was thinking about those wind up teeth you can get at joke shops, so I incorporated them. The bunny with a pancake on its head is an "old" Internet forums joke (and by "old" I mean like within the past 7-10 years). If you frequent any website with a forum (or bulletin board, as they used to be called 1,000,000 years ago...) I'm sure you will run into the bunny or the LOLcats eventually.
This Section Is a Waste of Space!
Quite literally, to say the least. After laying out the page and writing everything I wanted to write, I was left with this big, empty white space here. So, after staring into this vacuous white void for some time (and not even high), I decided to put this waste of space in its place (and it even rhymes!). So, now you get to read this bullshit instead! And, since it's not real content anyways, I don't even gots to write properly or nuthin'! I can ramble on with whatever I want, whether it be comedy or my car or something else entirely and I can go off on tangeants if I want, like why there are so many damned programming languages in the computing world, and I can use huge run on sentences like this and I can ponder our existence and what the meaning of life is and be all philosophical for a moment and then say, "Ah, fuck it! Let's have a beer instead!", but maybe that IS our purpose here, to relax and have a drink with our friends and enjoy life, unless of course you're an alcoholic, then I guess you'll have to pass on that drink. Oh boy, if my English teachers could see me now! This section would be a sea of red correction pen! That's too many exclaimation marks! Every sentence doesn't have to be shouted! You spelled exclamation worng! And you also spelled wrong wrong! And how dare you put two wrongs together! Two wrongs don't make a right! You're even checking now that I spelled those words wrong! Even though improperly would be a better fit in that last sentence! Shit, this really IS a waste of space... and time... and space-time!

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