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February 04, 2010: This is just a quick update to let you know the News page is up! Yeah! Hopefully soon, more of this page will be up and running as well. Double Yeah! That's about it... I'm tired and ready for some sleep. It IS almost 2am now!

Oh, one other quick note though... I'll be performing this Saturday night, February 06, 2010 at Everyday's Tropical Cantina - 2012 Central Avenue Albany, NY. Show starts at 8:30pm. Tickets are $20 at the door. I'll be performing with comedians: Frank Vignola, Michael Raive, Mo Haskins, Jonathan Winnicki, and many others. So stop on out and support local comedy! That is all.

February 09, 2010: I had a good experience with the comedy workshop taught by Frank Vignola that was held in Albany last Saturday. It culminated with the show Saturday night that I advertised earlier. I did a 5 minute set during the show at Everyday's Tropical Cantina Saturday. It went very well and after the show I heard that there were about 91 people in attendance at the show. Great turn out!

I also updated my blog on Talent Trove to reflect my thoughts on the workshop and comedy show from last Saturday. You can read the blog entry here: MailmAn's Blog. For anyone who is interested, Talent Trove is kind of a mix between Facebook and YouTube designed for performance professionals, such as actors, musicians, and comedians. They also occasionally have contests and promotions on there. I created an account there a while ago and kind of forgot about it (like this website...) and thought I'd update the blog there. Hopefully more goodness to come there as well, so stay tuned. You can see my whole profile on Talent Trove here as well: MailmAn's Talent Trove Stage.

February 11, 2010: Yesterday, I went out to the River Street Pub - 194 River Street, Troy, NY (at the corner of River and State Streets) yet again for another edition of "Capital Comics Underground" open-mic. It went okay, but sans the turnout we had last Wednesday. This week, there were 5 comics and about 8-10 audience. True, it was a very intimate setting, but not nearly as condusive to comedy as a larger audience can. So, next week, mark your calendars and stop on out to a free night of comedy, great food and drinks, and see some local comedians trying out new material. Feel free to try your own hand at making people laugh too!

As for this weekend, there are a few open-mics in the area I will most likely be going to. Friday night at 9:00pm at the Backstage Pub - 501 Smith Street, Schenectady, NY (behind Proctor's Theatre), Comic Syndrome is hosting an open-mic. Free to get in, no minimums. This is the second week for this venue and while I missed the first event there, I heard from others that this was a very kick-ass show! Tons of great comedians and a packed house, it was a great time!

Then, Saturday there is "Duke's Last Laugh Comedy Showcase" at Duke's Pub off of Route 9W in Glenmont. 9 Frontage Street, Glenmont, NY is the actual address. The show starts at 8:00pm and is free to attend. This is another open-mic that has really grown a lot in a few months. Lots of comics, lots of audience, good food and drinks. So stop on out for a great time! Duke's shows are also recorded for, so you can see some previous shows online! How cool is that?

February 13, 2010: The show at the Backstage Pub yesterday was pretty good. I hear the turn out wasn't as good as the first show there last week, but still it was pretty good overall and I had a great time. I had a good set and got to try out a whole new set of material I haven't tried before. It is a really good venue for comedy, so be sure to stop out next week for another great show!

Onto the website, I finally finished my Resume and Bio page, so you can check that out and see what I've been up to during the course of my illustrious career. Hopefully more website updates to come in the next few weeks. Then, once that is all done, I can focus yet again on what's important - Comedy! (And maybe updating my blog a bit more frequently). Copyright 2009-2010 Pittinaro and Co. Inc. - Site Design By: Digital Design Studios.   All Rights Reserved.